Why Learn to Fly?

People learn to fly for many reasons. The challenge, the adventure, the freedom – as well as some very practical reasons, such as to enjoy one of the best careers in the world.

We see many types of students – from high school graduate looking for a start in a career as a pilot, to the working person who decides to fulfill a lifelong dream.

Training can start at almost any age!

Careers in Aviation

According to the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace, Canada may be 6,000 pilots short by the year 2036 and unable to meet the growing demands in the industry.

A growth in the aviation industry worldwide in terms of flight activity, combined with numerous retirements makes now a perfect time to train to become and eventually work in a career as a pilot.

In addition to training pilots for the Recreational Pilot License and Private Pilot License, HFS will also, in the near future be certifying Commercial Pilots.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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Recreational Pilot License Instruction

The Recreation Pilot License is a limited restricted version of the Private Pilot’s license and considered to be a step below. Requires a minimum age of 16 and 25 hours of flight time.

Private Pilot License Instruction

The most popular license is the traditional “Private Pilot License”. The Private Pilot is the pathway most student pilots take as they invest time, energy, and money into the process of learning to fly.

Commercial Pilot License

Coming Soon…

Sightseeing Tours

Come see your world from above. Who knows? It might entice you to learn how to fly yourself.

Next Steps…

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